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One Day Introduction. Video by SDHG.

First flights using sideline tethers.

The video shows a "Fun Day" beginner group taking successive flights down a small slope guided by side tether ropes. The side tethers limit the amount the glider can turn left or right. These flights allow take-off and landing skills to be developed together with pitch control without the need to steer the glider as well. The sidelines can be slackened to allow steering when the student is ready.

The day shown in the video was a birthday group activity. As you can see, a lot of fun was had by all!


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EP Course. Video by Adam Farrell.

Hang Gliding Training on the South Downs. First steps in learning to fly. Low flights without tethers.

Onboard camera action as Adam takes to the air with South Downs Hang Gliding. The video shows a series of low flights with fellow students John and Aiden.

The final part shows Instructor John B soaring the training glider over the trees and finishing with a perfect cross-wind landing.


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CP Course. Video by Adam Farrell.

Adam now flies his own glider, an Avian Rio, on a series of higher flights. Getting used to the new glider and making accurate descent patterns to the lower fields is the first priority.

Later flights show Adam flying fully prone in his harness and soaring the upslope wind to gain and maintain height.


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Many thanks to Adam for his videos.

Adam's Youtube  Follow Adam's progress outside the school.

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