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All pilots make small repairs and inspect their wings regularly. However, it can be easy to overlook potentially dangerous faults. An Annual Inspection and report for your wing, will, at least, independently confirm your own routine checks and maintenance.
Our quality repair service has made us number one in the uk for specialist hang glider check and repair work for all makes of glider.

Hang Glider Sales

Inside a modern hang gliderHang Glider check-over

This involves the removal of the outer leading-edge tubes and a full internal inspection of the sail and airframe. Current tuning settings, VG action and stability angles are noted in the inpection report. Any damaged parts will be replaced, labour is included in the price. Parts and sail-repairs charged extra. Recommended after a heavy landing.

Beginner / Intermediate ...... 85
Performance / Rigid Wing ...... 115

Glider stripdown

Additional to the basic check-over, the sail is removed from the airframe. Full sail, airframe and rigging inspection. Current tuning settings, VG action and stability angles are noted in the inpection report. Any damaged parts will be replaced, labour is included in the price. Parts and sail-repairs charged extra. Recommended once a year.

Beginner / Intermediate ...... 150
Performance / Rigid Wing ...... 195

Additional charges

Flying wire replacement (2 side-wires) .... 75 (approx)
Stability Reset (luff line and sprog) .... 65

Sail repairs

All sail repairs are undertaken locally by Mike Millwood of "The Loft"

Airframe repairs Nick and crashed hang glider

Damaged parts changed for new. Reflex lines and sprogs checked and reset. Where necessary tubes and cables supplied by Avian Hang Gliding Ltd.
Carbon fibre repair patches and rib repairs are done at our workshop. More extensive repairs are outsourced to our carbon specialist, Darren Blackman.

Harness repairs

Parachute repacks, harness repairs, replacement zips, extra pockets or tow loops, etc. Work done locally by Mike Millwood of "The Loft" in Firle.

Recent Hang Glider repair work.

Aeros Target 16. Aug 2019. Check and repair folowing crash. Large sail repair, new leading edge and uprights supplied and fitted.

Aeros Target 16. July 2019. Rebuild glider from parts supplied. Replaced missing keyrings for new.

Avian Rio 1 15. May 2019. Routine change of sidewires. New set of luff-lines and new heart-bolt.

Airwave Pulse 2 15. April 2019. Changed small keyrings for new and repaired the outer bag.

Wills Wing U2. April 2019. Routine annual check. Sail mounted incorrectly after short packing. Replace sidewires for new.

Aeros Fox 16. March 2019. Replaced old sidewires with new heavy duty Avian cables. Small sail repairs by The Loft.

Aeros Discus 15. March 2019. Repair small sail tears and fit new sail zipper. New sidewires and top front wire.

Aeros Target 13. March 2019. Fit new side cables and supply a new nose batten. Repair outer bag.

Aeros Target 16. Feb 2019. Repair glider following carpark crash. Two new outer leading edge tubes and supply a replacement outer bag.

Aeros Target 16. Aug 2018. New side wires and nose string. Supplied two new upright tubes.

Avian Rio 2 17. June 2018. Check and repair following crash. Fitted new inner and outer leading edge tube, upright and top bolt.

Avian Rio 2 17. April 2018. Check for prospective buyer. Replaced bent heart-bolt. Fitted new rear lower cables. Reprofiled the battens. New centre sail zipper.

Avian Rio 2 15. April 2018. Routine check-over. Found dented inner leading edge tube, bent upright and heart-bolt and frayed luff-lines. Fitted new replacement parts.

AIR Atos C/V. Feb 2018. Check for new owner. Dubious conversion to V model. Spoiler activation unsymmetric, reset.

Airwave Pulse 2 15. Feb 2018. Fit new set of lower rigging cables.

Icaro Laminar 15. Jan 2018. Check after ground loop. Minor damage to washout rod.

Aeros Target 16. Jan 2018. Supplied and fitted new lower rigging. Fit large training wheels and supply new batten bag.

Wills Wing Falcon 3 170. Nov 2017. Stripdown service following crash into treetop. Large sail repair. New leading edge and front rigging.

Wills Wing U2 160. Aug 2017.Check following crash. Fitted new uprights and heart-bolt. Replaced lower VG string. Fit and align keel fin for aerotow.


All checks, work, service, etc, DOES NOT amount to a Certification of Airworthiness. All work is carried out by hang gliding professionals in good faith. It remains the exclusive responsibility of the pilot to preflight check the aircraft and fully accept all associated risks.



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