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Day One training flightIntroductory Hang Gliding - One-Day Course

Training starts with a One Day Intro on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday. All flights are made with assistance from ground tethers or sliding tramline tethers in lighter winds. This day is equivalent to the first day of the elementary pilot course (EP). BHPA membership is 16 payable by cash or cheque on arrival.

Up to one hour is spent in the classroom covering some basic theory of flight and discussing what we expect to achieve for the day. Out on the hill, after assessing the weather and rigging the gliders, students take turns flying the glider in the wind assisted by tethers. Tandem flights cannot be prebooked but may be offered on the day at the discretion of the duty Instructor.

As well as learning the general feel of the glider, specifics such as correct body position, looking ahead and "relaxing" in the harness are focused on. Glider rigging and derigging, preflight checking and basic ground-handling are other important skills introduced during the day. We finish by log-book signing and debriefing.

You learn loads about the sport and it's a great fun day out!

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EP Course

Sideline tethersIntroductory Hang Gliding - Two Day Course

Two full days of training are offered available most weekends. If you prefer, each day can be taken on different weekends. All flights are made with assistance from ground tethers or sliding tramline tethers in lighter winds. These days are equivalent to the first two days of the elementary pilot course (EP). BHPA membership is 16 per day payable by cash or cheque on arrival.

The tethers allow you to really fly the hang glider safe in the knowledge that the instructor can override your control if necessary! Our structured training method starts with simply balancing the glider on the breeze, then progressing when ready to little hops. At your own pace and only when you're comfortable do you take longer flights. Become familiar with the weight-shift control as you ride the air on these incredible lightweight aircraft. Tandem flights cannot be prebooked but may be offered on any day at the discretion of the duty Instructor.

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EP Course



We need the name of the course participant to issue the voucher. The voucher is identified by name, reference number, issue and expiry date.
Age and weight is also useful to know, but these details can be given later.
We print and post the voucher by Royal Mail first class. A further email is sent with the voucher attached as two PDF files. These can be printed to two sides of A4 card and folded in half.

Arrange Dates

Contact us to book your chosen dates for training and let us know of any special requirements (training season ... Mar to Oct). Dates can be re-arranged without charge until the final deadline at 7.30pm the evening before when we leave our answer-phone message.

Before you Come

Phone our answer-phone after 7.30pm on the day before training and listen to the message. Wear suitable clothes and comfortable footwear for the conditions. Bring snacks, packed lunches and (non-alcohol) drinks as needed. Hang gliding is weather dependent, if your day is canceled you can rebook for another day without charge.

Send us an email now .. .. to ask a question or supply further information.


Claire. Two Day Intro. June 2016.
Hi John, first of all can I just say a huge thanks for a great 2 days intro. For making it enjoyable, challenging and keeping me safe. Thanks to you, Matt, Rod and Rich. Now down to business :). Neil especially wud love to build on those 2 days and aim for the EP. Regards, Claire.

David. Two Day Intro. August 2015.
Hi John and Rod. Just wanted to say a massive thanks for the hang gliding lessons at the weekend. Had a great time. I’m glad we had two days back-to-back because Sunday felt a lot more controlled in the air. Looking forward to seeing you again next year, so keep hold of those log books, and we can pick up from where we left off. Many thanks! David.

Adam. One Day Intro. August 2014.
Hi John, Thanks for a fab introduction day on Sunday. I really enjoyed the experience. I was able to capture some of the flights from the day and put them in a video. Now on Vimeo. I look forward to my next experience of Hang Gliding. Thanks again, Adam.

Hugo. One Day Intro. June 2014.
Hi there, I wanted to write a quick email to say thank you for our fabulous 1 day training back in June. There were three of us Max, Tom and I (two of us Frenchies). It was a great day, the weather was fantastic and we absolutely loved it! We thought we learned a hell of a lot, both in theory and practice and it certainly made us want to do more hang gliding.It's taken me ages to come round to write this email, but I really wanted to say thank you! All the best, Hugo.

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Sideline tethersIntroductory One and Two Day Course. BHPA Syllabus.

PHASE 1 (Ground Training)

Introductory Talk. Site Assessment Briefing. Introduction to glider and equipment. Daily inspection. Tether rope system. Ground handling. Duties of a noseman. Avoiding / Minimising injury.

PHASE 2 (Preparing For Flight)

Prefilght checks. Hang Check. Take off sequence. Landing sequence.

PHASE 3 (First Hops)

Getting Airborne. Pitch Control. Roll control (corrections). In-flight body position.




EP Course



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