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CP Soaring flightClub Pilot Course

Following EP, the Club Pilot course involves progression on to higher launches and flying in the fully prone position. A progressive training method leads toward soaring flight, (maintaining and gaining height), by flying in rising air.

Students fly their own glider and harness during CP training, storing them at home. Hang Gliders are transported by using car roof-racks.

Learn the flying conditions on different sites. Make and fly accurate flight plans.

The CP training improves the skills to a level suitable to continue flying independently within a local hang gliding club. Three soaring flights and a flight theory exam complete the CP.

CP qualifying flights can be completed at the school or out in the club with a BHPA qualified Coach.

Full annual BHPA membership is required and membership of your local area HG club.

The CP Course has special requirements. Contact us for payment options and booking information.

Click this link to view the website of our local area Club: Southern Hang Gliding Club

You are already a PG pilot or HG tow?: Conversion Courses


Maciej. CP Course. April 2016.
John, thanks a lot for your great instruction allowing me to enjoy my CP exam flights, one of them reaching about 1000ft ATO. And special thanks for your 'post delivery' coaching to improve my ground handling and launch technique. Yours, Maciej.

Pete Sonderskov. CP course. April 2016.
Hi John, Thanks for a really good day yesterday. It was great to fly my own glider at last and the help both yourself and Mat are giving me is much appreciated. I can't begin to describe how chuffed I felt getting back into the air like that. It's been a long journey in more ways than one but I'm really pleased with the way it's going. I'm now working on the exam homework as well. Talk soon, thanks again, Pete.

Fran Marquez. CP assessment day. March 2015.
Hi John, Thanks a lot for a great training session on Saturday :) I really enjoyed it. I have now transferred the payment to your account for 3 more CP training days. Best wishes, Fran.

Alan Payne. CP Course.
Hi John. The air and machine are talking to me better now. Must admit one of the flights surprised me in terms of increased elevation, terrific what a buzz! Thanks for you help and encouragement!

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Club Pilot Course - BHPA Syllabus

PHASE 6 (Consolidation and Conversions)

Consolidation. Glider Conversion. Prone Conversion.

PHASE 7 (Higher flights/Circuits)

Higher flights/circuits.

PHASE 8 (Improving Skills)

180 deg turns. Planned Approaches. Slow flight appreciation and recovery. Nil and moderate wind take offs. Theory - advanced equipment.

PHASE 9 (Soaring)

Ridge soaring preparation. Soaring flights. Flying with others.

PHASE 10 (Theory and Exams)

Theory lectures. CP exam. CP hill environ exam.

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