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Fast track EP & CP (6 Days)
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Tow launch by microlight (3 Days)
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View of the Firle ridge


Book Course

Contact us with your name, age and weight ro register for your chosen course. Each course is booked with a 30 deposit. Payment per session is completed before you come.

Preparing for the day

Phone our answer-phone after 7.30pm on the day before training and listen to the message. Wear suitable clothes and comfortable footwear for the conditions. Bring snacks, packed lunches and (non-alcohol) drinks as needed. Hang gliding is weather dependent, if your day is canceled you can rebook for another day without charge.

BHPA Membership

Hang gliding can be a dangerous activity. Third party insurance is required and is provided by membership to the BHPA, (British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association). Daily membership is available for the first day "Intro Day" at 16 per day. Training membership, for EP and CP courses, valid for 3 months, costs 84. Full annual membership is 128. All students become members of the BHPA at the start of their course. You must be over 18 years old. All students will be required to read, understand and accept the conditions in the "Agreement and Liability" section of the SouthDownsHG booking form. (Link below)

Where we Meet

We meet at the Devil's Dyke pub two miles north west of Brighton. The pub sits on top of the South Downs above the village of Poynings. The Dyke road in Brighton becomes the Devil's Dyke road where it crosses the main A27. On arrival you join the BHPA and complete the necessary paperwork before we discuss the plan for the day.



Otto the first hang glider pilot

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