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South Downs Hang Gliding is a British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) registered school exclusively teaching hang gliding. We have over 25 years of continuous teaching of the sport, both here and abroad. Our instructors are all active hang glider pilots with advanced pilot ratings and full BHPA instructor licences. We have a wealth of experience to share with new pilots.

We are the only school in the UK exclusively for hang gliding. All the other schools in the area are for paragliding. SDHG is the most successful hang gliding school in the uk, qualifying more pilots than any other school. Many schools find it easier and more profitable to teach paragliding. We are dedicated to hang gliding .... we don't teach paragliding!

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Suitability .... is Hang Gliding for you?

A first day's hang gliding is great fun for almost anybody. To complete a course you will need to be reasonably fit and active. Weight is no problem as the size range of our school gliders will suit anyone from 50kg to 125kg.

Dual hang gliding with a BHPA qualified instructor can be an alternative One Day activity or part of a training course.
Tandem flights have a maximum of 85kg.

You must be over 18 and accept that all adventure sports carry an element of risk.


Courses & BHPA Membership

BHPA membership insures the student for third party risks and opens a log book to monitor progress through the syllabus. The first two days of training can be completed on daily (16) membership and is offered as a "One day Intro" or a "Two Day Intro". (Your two days need not be consecutive. "Intro" days take place on Saturdays Sundays and Mondays.) These days can be offered only twice. After this to continue your training to EP level, you choose either 3 month "trial" membership at 84, or the full annual membership for 128.

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